Mount Baker

Located at the northeastern edge of the city, the Mt. Baker neighborhood is one of Bellingham’s fastest growing and most diverse areas. Mt. Baker is home to significant single and multi-family residential areas on both eastern and western sides, and commercial development at the southern edge. Over 600 acres of industrial land was added to the neighborhood in 1998 with the annexation of the “Hannegan/Bakerview” industrial area. By 2000, nearly 3,000 people lived in the Mt. Baker neighborhood.

The Barkley Village area is designated as a “priority urban village” in the City’s comprehensive plan. This area will continue to develop with a mix of residential, commercial and light industrial land uses providing jobs and services.

Key open space features include the Squalicum and Baker Creek corridors, Sunset Pond, and the 50-acre Northridge Park. The “Bay to Baker” trail system will traverse the neighborhood roughly along the Squalicum Creek corridor. Squalicum High School is located at the northeastern corner of the neighborhood. The Bay to Baker Trail is planned to continue through the neighborhood with an underpass at I-5. Plans to expand and improve Sunset Pond will provide neighborhood park amenities for the new residential areas adjacent to James Street. Northridge Park provides a forested backdrop to the city and offers views of Bellingham Bay from the trail that winds through the woods. Playground and picnic facilities will be added to the park per the adopted master plan.

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